Using Facebook Live to grow your brand

Live video has taken the world by storm in recent years. With 80% of brand audiences rather watching live videos published by a business than reading a blog, and 82% favouring live video over a brand’s social posts, the stats speak for themselves

In its typical forefront position, Facebook was at the vanguard of the live video social movement. The company launched Facebook Live in August 2015 to some high-profile users, gradually rolling it out to Android and iPhone users worldwide. By April 2016, all Facebook users were able to go Live. 

With the number of people engaging with live videos increasing exponentially each year, today, Facebook Live is a phenomenon no brand can afford to ignore. 

By sharing real-time videos of what you are doing and seeing, Facebook Live enables you to connect and engage with followers and fans in a way that photos and pre-recorded videos are unable to achieve. In fact, research showsFacebook users are three times more likely to watch live videos than pre-recorded ones and that the average reach of Live posts have increased by more than double. 

If you are wanting to capitalise on the unique power of live video, here’s three proven strategies for using Facebook Live to create greater engagement with followers, extend your reach and ultimately grow your brand. 

Launch a Q&A session

One of the easiest ways to get started on Facebook Live is to host a Q&A session. Increase engagement with your brand by giving viewers an in-depth description of your products or services. Encourage viewers to ask you questions and become involved in the live video. This viewer input will make the video more collaborative and exciting, helping you to gain greater exposure and brand awareness.

How To Videos

Another easy way to generate interest in live videos is by airing ‘how to’ videos. Provide real value to your audience by teaching them something they didn’t know and would like to learn. 

If, for example, you’re a café owner or food manufacturer looking to extend your following on Facebook, perform a live video that takes viewers through how to make some delicious dish or delicacy. 

Such helpful resource videos are an effective way to connect with followers, engage your audience and build your brand.

Stream a product launch live

There’s nothing quite as exciting as when a brand brings out a new product. Hype up the launch of a new product by making a sing and dance about it on Facebook Live. Prior to the live video, build anticipation about the new product by promoting the product launch event so that a maximum number of people ‘tune in’ to view the video. 

Even if your new product isn’t something as exciting as a new car or iPhone, there will be people out there who want to learn about it. The trick is reaching those people and making the product as glamorous, exciting and timely as possible on a live video product launch.

Yes, it’s safe to say, if you are wanting to give your brand and its products or services an awareness boost by increasing your following and engagement on social media, Facebook Live is there to help your business make an impact. 

adam baetu