Why membership institutions need digital marketing to grow their memberships

Since the advent of the internet, digital marketing has been evolving and developing at a prolific pace, lapped up by commercial enterprises to broaden their reach and grow their business. However, digital marketing and the wealth of opportunity it provides should by no means be confined to businesses.

Membership institutions can implement digital marketing campaigns and strategies in order to reach out to prospective members and ultimately grow their memberships.

Social media and membership institutions

The opportunities social media provides by targeting specific audiences, broadening reach and giving an organisation a powerful promotional injection, are prolific. When used correctly and comprehensively, social media can help membership institutions grow their memberships by the following ways.

Heightens awareness about an organisation

When you consider that in the fourth quarter of 2017, Facebook alone had 2.2 billion monthly active users, social media is a force no organisation can afford to ignore. By sharing information, photos and posts on social media, membership institutions can engage with the users around the world, heightening awareness about their organisation on a global scale. 

Create better relationships with existing members

Attracting members to a group or organisation is one thing but maintaining their interest and retaining their membership is another. By becoming involved in chat and banter with members, engaging in real-time conversations, and sharing content and information that they will find useful and enjoyable, social media allows membership institutions to create meaningful connections with their members, which can go a long way in securing their loyalty to an organisation. 

Using call-to-actions to motivate people to become part of a membership institution

A call-to-action (CTA) is an important part of social media and digital marketing in general. This essential part of digital content essentially inspires people to take action. 

For example, writing a blog about an event or campaign an organisation has been involved that ends with a goal which it wants its readers to complete, can be an effective way to inspire action and motivate people to get involved with a membership organisation. 

One such CTA might be signing up for a newsletter so an individual with an interest in the organisation receives updated information and news about the group. Or, better still, another CTA might be getting someone to sign up to become a member of the organisation. 

Attract new members

By reaching out and engaging with prospective members, building relationships with existing members, and inspiring people to take action and become involved, digital marketing can be an extremely effective way for membership organisations to attract new members and grow their memberships.

By creating a dynamic online presence that people want to be part of, digital marketing is a cost-effective, fun and engaging way for membership institutions to not only retain existing members but to reach out to and pull in new members.

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