Why you need a Facebook pixel on your website

You know you’ve got to advertise on Facebook to attract customers and win business. In fact, you are actively advertising on the world’s biggest social media channel but are your efforts bringing you the returns you’re looking for?

Despite your presence on Facebook advertising, how do you know how effective your advertising endeavours actually are? And without knowing how effective they are, how do you know what’s working and what isn’t?

This is when Facebook pixel proves invaluable. Facebook pixel is an analytics tool, designed to enable businesses to measure the effectiveness of their advertising. How, you might ask? Facebook pixels allow advertisers to understand the actions visitors to their website are taking. With greater knowledge on board as to what actions – or perhaps lack of them – people are taking on your site, you can use Facebook pixel data to your own advantage, to ensure your ads are hitting the right people, ultimately building your advertising audiences. 

Once the Facebook pixel is embedded on your website, when someone visit its and takes action, such as subscribing to your newsletter or making a purchase, the pixel is triggered, and the action is reported. Consequently, you will know when a customer takes an action, and, through future Facebook ads, you’ll be able to reach that customer.

Finding and reaching the right people for your business

With the Facebook pixel on your website, Facebook advertising strategies and campaigns can be tweaked and refined so they generate maximum exposure and optimum ROI.

The Facebook pixel data allows you to find people who have visited your site and taken some kind of desired action. Subsequently you can reach the right target audiences and demographics for your specific niche and products.

Benefit from greater volumes of sales

With the Facebook pixel you can set up automatic bidding to target those that are likely to carry out an action that will benefit your business, namely making a purchase and thereby driving a higher number of sales.

Track the success of your Facebook ads

With the Facebook pixel, you can track and measure the results of your Facebook ads. You will have tangible knowledge of what action is resulting from your campaigns and therefore know how successful the ads are.

Being able to view and monitor valuable information such as conversion rates from the ads and sales figures, you will be able to see what’s successful and what is less successful in your Facebook advertising campaigns.

How to you put the Facebook pixel on your website?

You can set up the Facebook pixel on your website by placing the pixel code on the header of the site. When the pixel has been embedded onto your site, you can add events that track specific actions, such as when somebody makes a purchase. Events can be tracked by adding a piece of code to your site, which allows Facebook to gauge understanding of the action someone has taken.

Additional information about the specific events can also be added. These event parameters might be conversion values or currency. Once the Facebook pixel has been successfully added to your website, you can begin running Facebook ads using conversion optimisation and tracking.

So, what are you waiting for, get the maximum out of Facebook ads by installing the Facebook pixel and start optimising your ad campaigns today. 

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adam baetu