Text messages are one of the most popular forms of communication in the 21st century. Savvy marketers have long honed in on the power and practicality of text messages, through SMS marketing. SMS marketing is the abbreviation of ‘Short Message Service’, which is essentially a promotional text that is sent to or from a mobile phone.

SMS marketing is a way for companies to communicate concise promotional content to large volumes of people, quickly and conveniently.

However, it is important to remember that SMS marketing is permission based, meaning every customer must have given a company their permission to send promotional text messages to their mobile phone.

SMS messaging is considered an effective form of marketing, as it provides customers with a concise message that is easily digestible and has a clear call to action.

SMS marketing can also be effective in maintaining customer loyalty, a key achievement of every business in order to drive leads, sales and ultimately accomplish business growth.

As Text Ripple writes:

“In mobile marketing, customer loyalty has proven to be one of the most essential parts of any successful strategy.”

So how exactly does SMS marketing achieve and maintain customer loyalty?

A personalised approach

Personalised marketing has become a buzzword in digital marketing approaches in recent years and with good reason. Adopting a personalised approach, using the name and other personal information of the receiver of the message, is proven to be an effective way to present a message and achieving the desired call to action.

According to statistics from Experian, personalised marketing emails enjoy almost 30% higher open rates, and a whopping 41% higher number of click-through rates.

SMS marketing typically adapts a personalised approach, which uses the name and personal information and preferences of the recipient. This personalised tactic has been proven to significantly increase chances that the recipient will respond to the message by either clicking on the website, phoning the number provided, or carrying out the purpose of the call to action. In short, the personalisation of SMS marketing helps to drive and maintain customer loyalty to a company.

Promotional messages – make customers feel like they are special

Sending a personalised text message to someone’s mobile phone, can make that person feel happy that they have been remembered. Furthermore, by sending a promotional offer that is relevant to the products or services that customer is interested in, will enhance the whole customer loyalty experience, not to mention encourage that individual to take the brand up on the promotion they are offering.

Building trust

Customers like to feel they can trust a brand and without trust, customer loyalty is rarely gained. One way of building trust is to allow customers to opt-out of any marketing campaign, at any time and with ease. An SMS message should therefore include an opt-out clause, that enables a customer to opt-out of receiving further texts quickly and without hassle. As CM Telecom notes:

“Making it [opt out] hassle free will work in your advantage and customers will appreciate your SMS marketing and trust you even more.”

With SMS marketing open rates being an incredible 98% and the majority of messages being read within five seconds of the recipient receiving the message, and being inexpensive, solid, tried and tested and simple to implement, SMS messages are a form of marketing business simply cannot afford to ignore. 

adam baetu