2016 is far from over, but now is the time to start your preparations for digital marketing in the new year. In fact, if you haven’t started planning your strategy and reading up on the latest trends, you could actually be a little behind.

Here are some crucial things to think about to help you prepare for digital marketing in 2017:

Video isn’t going anywhere. Video marketing is arguably the most popular and dynamic way to increase consumer engagement and create ‘shareable’ content, especially considering that research has found that it yields a 300% click-through rate when embedded in email. Now is most definitely the time to plan your video marketing content for 2017, from social media projects to embedded video in email marketing campaigns, bearing in mind the latest trend for ‘live’ video too.

Want to appeal to millennials? You’ll need to improve your customer experience. Research has shown that millennials would rather spend money on experiences than just products, so as a brand you’ll need to start planning ways to improve your user experience (UX) in 2017 in order to capture this lucrative market. A good place to start is to run a campaign to actually ask your customers what they want and how they view your brand, and use the information to inform 2017’s strategy.

Using data to create customer profiles and personalised, targeted content. Data has always been a digital marketers best friend, and all signs point towards more accurate, efficient methods of gathering analytics data in 2017. If you aren’t already, you should be using this data to create very specific customer profiles for 2017 – these will inform and shape your content, communications and strategy for the next 12 months to make it more targeted and effective.

Buying directly through social media. You may have spotted ‘buy’ buttons on brand’s social media profiles, encouraging customers to buy directly through Facebook or Twitter rather than going through a separate e-commerce site. According to IBM’s digital marketing predictions for next year, these buy buttons could become more widespread in 2017. It could be worth looking into whether this could streamline the conversion and sales process and make shopping with your brand easier for your target customers. Could shopping through social media make their lives easier?

Mobile-friendly sites are a must, and you may even want to think about wearables. 2016 has been the year of the mobile-friendly website, so it really is crucial to ensure that yours works on all kinds of screens and devices. However, you can also create a streamlined, great-looking standalone mobile website for the coming year, or make vital improvements to make navigation and UX better for the user. Ahead of 2017, when uptake in wearables (i.e. smart watches, VR headsets) is expected to increase, you could also start planning how your brand and website may be able to work with these devices where screen space is extremely limited.

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adam baetu