In the rush to capture as much of the digital audience as possible, most brands have forgotten all about another direct way to reach their target customers. SMS marketing is not something that is on most brand’s priority list, but there are many reasons why it should be. Here are just a few:

·       SMS marketing helps you to measure engagement. SMS is one of the most personal ways to measure engagement with your brand. If you send an exclusive offer or discount code to a customer and they use it, this is a sure-fire sign of engagement with the brand. You can then take these engagement figures forward to further personalise and target your marketing campaigns.

·       It’s more direct and personal than any other means. It’s easy for a customer to ignore an email in their inbox or to miss your social media messages, but an SMS to their phone forces them to open and read it. This is a golden opportunity to make an impression.

·       You can use SMS to send offers to your customers. Making use of the personal nature of SMS marketing, you can send customers offers that are just for them. Even just one useful discount code or offer can make it more likely that the customer reads your SMS and other communications in the future, because you are providing them with added value.

·       SMS can be integrated with email campaigns. By including URLs in your text messages, you can encourage recipients to click-through and read email content. You can also boost email open rates and conversions, with tactics such as sending an SMS within 24 hours of an email offering an extra, time-limited incentive for opening or clicking a link in the email.

·       SMS is a great way to improve customer service. You can use SMS to provide customers with updates on their orders and exclusive special offers, extending your service into marketing opportunities.

·       Get feedback via SMS. Some customers don’t want to spend time filling in long forms and questionnaires to provide feedback, nor are they motivated to do it in the first place. A direct message to their phone asking their opinion of just one element of their experience or of a new product can be much easier to manage, particularly if there is an incentive for texting back.

SMS marketing: what to avoid

In all your marketing efforts, it is crucial that you avoid becoming an SMS spammer. You could fall foul of the law, and you could also annoy customers to the extent that you put them off your brand forever. There are a few tips to remember, such as to keep the frequency of messages low and not to send vague marketing messages that offer no benefit to the customer. If there’s no important information, exclusive offer or a link to useful content, the customer won’t be interested. Always give them the chance to opt out, and make it easy to do so. 

adam baetu