email marketers are constantly looking for the ‘key’ to success in their medium, the magic formula that significantly boosts open rates, conversions, click-throughs and sales from marketing emails sent out to customers. unfortunately, there is no such shortcut, but there is something called dynamic content that could do wonders for your next campaign.

what is dynamic content?

in short, dynamic content means personalisation. personalisation in email marketing is no new thing, but dynamic content is a significant step up from classic personalisation techniques. instead of having to insert the exact field contents of an email yourself, depending on the customer data you possess, you can now use tags which enable different content to be displayed to different customers.

so, if you’re putting together a new campaign and you happen to know the gender of a customer, their age and previous items they have bought or even clicked on from your brand, you can create rules. when the email is sent, it will feature different products to different customers depending on these rules.

why is personalisation so important?

there are a few reasons why personalisation can make all the difference in an email marketing campaign. firstly, customers like to feel that emails they are sent are relevant to them and what they are shopping for. this makes it more likely that emails will be opened in the first place. so, if you know a customer has recently been browsing sofas, for example, they are more likely to click-through back to the website if you send them an email featuring a new range of sofas, because they are actively looking to buy this product.

personalisation is increasingly looking to be the future of the email marketing industry, with 40% of respondents in a survey by brafton believing it to be an important part of any strategy. when it comes to using dynamic content to personalise emails, 39% of brands and marketers in the same survey said that they were convinced that this method was the way forward to increase sales and drive leads.

why you should be using dynamic content

dynamic content is so effective because it takes the time and effort out of personalisation. email marketing can be cheap and quick, but not if you have to individually tailor each email to each customer. using dynamic content allows you to personalise easily, optimising the value and potential results of each email you send out. this method is also very effective, with research showing that personalisation can improve click-through rates by as much as 14% and conversions by 10%.

so, with the ease and effectiveness of dynamic content being so apparent, why would you send a wave of generic broadcast emails to every customer, which will most likely be ignored and deleted, when you can send personalised emails just as easily?

adam baetu