One of the biggest mistakes you can make in the marketing business is treating each platform or channel as a separate entity. The key to any successful campaign is integration of different channels and media, to provide a cohesive, consistent message across every platform your customers are likely to use.

Email marketing is no different. It isn’t a standalone format with no relation to other platforms. Quite the opposite can be true, as canny marketers can use the email communications they send to customers to drive engagement to social media channels as well as their websites.

Here are just five of the many ways to harness the power of email marketing for the good of your social media presence:

1.     Put the essentials in place. Basic necessities in every email you send include social share icons, to allow and encourage recipients to share the content on their social networks. You can even allow them to share snippets of it, such as memorably quotes, links to articles and videos – whichever bits they find most interesting. You should also make it simple for recipients to follow your brand on Twitter or connect on Facebook with a simple, conspicuous set of social icons.


2.     Ask for or incentivise sharing. You can just hope that your subscribers find your content interesting enough to share and just do it, but the more proactive approach is to ask them to do it. Putting the suggestion out there could be enough to get results, particularly if you phrase your call to action in the right way. Explain that you’re happy to share your ground-breaking research, free white paper or unique insight with the recipient, and imply that by sharing the content with their professional network – they can also be seen as a pioneer, an authority on the topic. You can also cut right to the chase and create an incentive for the recipient to share, such as an exclusive offer, freebie or discount.


3.     Use contests to boost sharing. A competition where the price of entry is a share of your email content is a fantastic way to use email marketing to boost social engagement. It’s so easy for recipients to share your email content on social media, so it’s really not very much to ask – especially if the prize is a good one. Most won’t think twice about doing so.


4.     Create content with sharing in mind. If you can put the ‘shareability’ of content at the very top of your agenda when crafting marketing emails, you’re more likely to create it. Scour the web for fascinating content and really put the time and effort to make your emails funny, provocative, conversation-starting or anything else that stimulates an emotional response or reaction. This is the content that gets shared.


5.     Promote your emails on social media. These strategies work the other way around too, where your social channels can be a great advert for the benefits and bonuses of being a subscriber to your email list. Make use of both – they’re mutually beneficial strategies, after all. 

adam baetu