is your email marketing list littered with ‘dead’ subscribers? if so, the last thing you should do is ignore or delete them. a simple re-engagement campaign could be just the ticket, re-igniting interest in your brand and potentially turning thousands of ‘inactive’ subscribers into active, purchasing, valued customers. 

why is re-engagement so important?

you might be thinking – if subscribers have lost interest, would it be the end of the world to simply let them go and focus my energies on active subscribers? whilst it’s true that it can be a waste of time and resources to chase customers who aren’t the right fit for your brand, and who are never likely to use its services, many other subscribers are worth winning back.

there are lots of reasons why subscribers drift away, and not all are because the subscriber isn’t interested in your brand. you need to remind customers why they were drawn to your brand in the first place, sparking the relationship back to life and bringing a potentially valuable customer back into the fold.

tips to re-engage subscribers

he best way to bring subscribers back to ‘active’ status is to plan and execute a dedicated re-engagement campaign. this campaign will involve identifying inactive subscribers, running your re-engagement campaign and permanently saying goodbye to those who still show no interest. if you’re doing so in 2015, bear these useful tips in mind:

  • be relevant. a lack of relevance in marketing emails is one of the biggest reasons why subscribers lose interest in a brand. customers don’t want to be sold at in marketing emails, but they might be interested in up-to-the-minute news and points of interest. you could even go one step further and consider dynamic email marketing, using subscriber information to produce emails that are uniquely relevant to the individual.
  • be human. a simple ‘we miss you’ can go a long way in re-engaging sleepy subscribers. it’s the human touch that lets the subscriber know that you value their business and are making an effort to win them back. pair this with a unique discount code or special offer and you might just have a new customer on your hands.
  • offer value. it might sound like a cheap shot, but special offers and unique discounts are very effective at re-igniting a subscriber’s interest. give them a reason to come back, or at least to take a look at your website.
  • invite feedback. oracle responsys recommends inviting customers to share their thoughts on past experiences with the brand, as a bad experience may have caused the subscriber to lose interest. having the chance to air their feelings, and receive an apology or other suitable response, can clear the air as well as getting the customer to re-engage.

knowing when it’s time to say goodbye

despite your very best efforts, some sleepy subscribers will remain inactive. to make the very best use of your resources, you need to identify those with no interest in the brand, who aren’t a good fit or who are never likely to make a purchase. with a heavy heart, you need to let these subscribers go. however, thanks to your re-engagement campaign, you’re likely to have hundreds if not thousands of newly interested subscribers to focus on.

adam baetu