At first glance, it may seem that email marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO) have nothing really to do with one another. Many people perceive SEO as being a purely on-site affair, where only improvements and updates to the website affect search rankings.

However, SEO is more than just on-site optimisation. You should never forget the importance of inbound links and traffic, and email marketing campaigns can provide an excellent boost for your website content. So, while SEO may not be the primary goal you have in mind when designing email campaigns, and while it’s true that email alone cannot directly affect your SEO campaign (as Google doesn’t crawl emails in relation to SEO), you may find that your emails are actually providing some essential support for your SEO efforts.

Here are just a few of the many specific ways that email marketing can help SEO:

·       Promoting website content. Emails are a great way to get the word out about recently published blog posts or even white papers, research or guides. This means more inbound traffic to your website and to these specific pages.


·       Encouraging inbound links. Following on from the previous point, you can use email marketing campaigns to encourage others to link to your website content. As we all know, lots of inbound links to your site are great for SEO. A useful article on demonstrates the value of getting industry influencers on your mailing list and letting them know first about exciting new research, expert insights or even special offers. Ask them to spread the word by linking to your latest posts, either on their own blogs or through social media. This is yet another way that email marketing can integrate into your other marketing efforts – it really isn’t a standalone marketing method.


·       Engaged users. If you can whip up some strong interest in your brand’s latest activities through email marketing, this can encourage engagement with your website. Engaged, active users who regularly click through to your website to see what’s new or to check out a special sale is an SEO dream, as it can do wonders for your search rankings. Email is another way you can reach out to your loyal base of engaged customers, one that is more personal than social media, especially if you create targeted, personalised campaigns that really connect with your recipients.


·       Useful stats. The data you can glean from email marketing campaigns can be hugely useful in informing future SEO campaigns and whole host of other marketing efforts, particularly when it comes to stats relating to engagement. Data and insights on which online content is the most popular with recipients or which subject lines result in the most email opens, which audience segments open your emails most and who clicks through to your website – all of this information can be extremely valuable when it comes to more accurately targeting your audience and developing more relevant content for them.